Corpus Cyrillo-Methodianum Helsingiense

Codex Suprasliensis


The text should be considered to be a tertiary source as it is not based on the manuscript itself, but on Sergey Severyanov's edition thereof. However, some unclear places have been checked against the facsimile edition published by the Bulgarian Adademy of Sciences. The file is not meant to be completely self-explanatory: it must be used with the edition.

The text lines have been numbered as follows:

The transliteration used in the text only makes use of the 7-bit ASCII code so as to ensure maximal portability. Upper-case letters are used to represent different graphemes than the corresponding lower-case letters (see the table below).


    a  az
    b  buky
    v  vede
    g  glagol
    d  dobro
    e  jest
    Z  zhivete
    D  dzelo
    z  zemlja
    i  izhe (octal)
    I  i (decimal)
    k  kako
    l  ljudije
    m  myslete
    n  nash
    o  on
    p  pokoj
    r  rci
    s  slovo
    t  tverdo
    u  u as a digraph
    U  uk (as one letter)
    f  fert
    x  xer
    w  ot (omega)
    q  shta 
    c  ci
    C  cherv
    S  sha
    &  big jer
    $  small jer
    y  jery (=&I)
    @  jat
   ju  ju
   ja  ja (either a ligature or az with a horizontal stroke)
   je  je
    E  small jus
   jE  iotated small jus
    O  big jus
   jO  iotated big jus
    X  ksi
    P  psi
    T  fita (theta)
    Y  izhica
    *  = the following letter is big (e.g. an initial)
    !  = before a whole word: the word is under a titlo
         inside a word: the following letter is above the line
                        (with or without a pokrytie)
    '  poerok
    ^  palatal arc belonging to the preceding consonant,
       or circumflex (kamora) above the next vowel
    (  spiritus asper (dasia) above the next letter
    )  spiritus lenis (psili) above the next letter
    "  trema (two points) above the next letter
    .  point (period)
    :  two points
    -  hyphenation added by the editor at the end of the line